Fort Sill soldiers training in extreme heat

Fort Sill soldiers training in extreme heat

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) - While many of us are able stay inside where it's cool, lieutenants training in the Basic Officer Leadership Course on Fort Sill's west range, couldn't afford to beat the heat this week.

It's hot, but you'll never hear that coming from these soldiers.

"The heat's going to drain you, but you gotta overcome," 2nd Lt. Taran Samaroo said.

Samaroo said the heat doesn't bother him, it makes him better.

"It just tests you mentally and physically and to see how far you can push yourself," Samaroo said.

The lieutenants are applying what they've learned in the classroom paired with AH -64 Apaches in the air, and soldiers down on the ground with artillery.

There is policy in place for extreme heat to keep the training on schedule.

Maj. Michael Koller said it has to do with uniforms.

"You'll probably see some of Lieutenants without a Kevlar, with cuffed sleeves, stuff like that," Koller said. "Downgraded uniform. Not the full Kevlar and body armor. A modified version of that to prevent heat injuries."

Maj. Koller said they make time for water and try to allow the soldiers to be in the shade.

For Samaroo, his role requires him to carry a little more, but it's part of the training.

"We are all trying to be leaders here and so we should be able to take that little extra load," Samaroo said.

The soldiers still have a lot of work to do, but will graduate from the Basic Officer Leadership Course in late August.

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