Duncan business auditioning for Shark Tank again

Duncan business auditioning for Shark Tank again

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A Duncan family-owned business is trying once more to get their product on the hit TV show Shark Tank. We introduced you to Shabby Chick Natural Products at the start of 2017 after they auditioned for the first time. They sell cleaning projects, laundry soap and lotions that are 100 percent natural.

After a year and a half of refining their pitch, their product and just their business as a whole, Shabby Chick owners have confidence in their audition and their ability to get to the next level.

"When we first moved in we were like we are never going to fill this up," Shabby Chick CEO Amber Malcom said. "But now we're already like we are going to be out of room really quick! It's crazy how fast it's grown!"

Amber shows off their almost year-old facility, and remembered where she and her husband Jason started.

"Then we moved in from basically a bathroom area of a manufacturing building to our entire manufacturing here," Amber said. "We went from a 1,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet."

Amber and Jason said that move along with getting a couple hundred dollar orders to now shipping out thousands of dollars of product might help pique the Shark Tank investors' interest.

"We feel good about it. We feel really good about the pitch we gave, we watch Shark Tank incessantly," Jason said. "So, we know we got the numbers, we know we've got the product. We know we got the personality to be on TV. And I think we have the company to back it up."

That was a 180 from the last audition.

"Now, I have the growth to substantiate going on there," Amber said. "When I did it before it was just to see what it was like to try it. I knew our numbers didn't support an investor. We were just little bitty at the time. But now it's like this could really take us to the next level."

While they achieved so much without a spot on Shark Tank awards and appearances on the Home Shopping Network, they are still hungry for more.

"A year or so ago I said I wanna replace Tide! And now I'm working really hard and we are getting there!" Amber said. "We are getting some traction and we are getting momentum and it's really exciting."

Amber and Jason will know in about a week if they made it to the taping part of the Shark Tank show. That's where they can pitch their product to the real Sharks.

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