Olen Sledge Park to get new playground

Olen Sledge Park to get new playground

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A Duncan park with aging playground is set to get a new one thanks to a matching grant. The grant comes from the playground manufacturer so the city paid for half of the $90,000 playground. The old playground at Olen Sledge Park is already missed in these Duncan neighborhoods.

"I started getting the phone calls, 'Why did you remove our playground equipment? There are so many kids who use this,'" Duncan Community Development Director Nate Schacht said.

Schacht said the park has been playground-less since the start of this year and installation has been slow going.

"We had some complications with our swimming pool, and we wanted to get that up and running for the summer," Schacht said. "We got that done. And now we have a window of opportunity to install this playground equipment."

Schacht said the playground was a community effort with funding the manufacturer grant with GameTime, the maker of the playground, and thousands of pounds of rubber mulch from a Duncan company Four D Corporation at a third of the price.

"That's what defines our community," Schacht said. "With strong parks and strong playground equipment that people wanna come to. Not only citizens of Duncan will use it, but citizens of Lawton will visit, or Rush Springs will come down. "

The park will be upgraded to the 21st century with ADA compliant features so all children can play together.

"The main thing about that is you might have a child who is in a wheelchair playing side by side with an able-bodied child, and those two children will be able to interact and maybe form a long-lasting friendship," Schacht said.

Soon residents will be able to see the installation at the end of this week and the start of next week. If they can, the old playground equipment will be reused in other parks across the city.

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