Rep. Cole visits Duncan prosthetics company

Rep. Cole visits Duncan prosthetics company

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A congressional visit in Duncan on Friday. U.S. Representative Tom Cole stopped by some local businesses, including Dream Team Prosthetics, which is fairly new, but has already reached across the globe. Cole heard about Dream Team Prosthetics doing big things all from Duncan, Oklahoma. So he wanted to see just how they were doing that by seeing it himself.

"Think we often underestimate what can be done in small and medium sized cities," Cole said.

The company has been in their new facility for about a year and a half. They fit anyone who has lost a limb with a prosthetic. But if you look on the walls of their office, the majority of patients have lost one or both legs above the knee.

"Prosthetics textbooks that you'll read talk about the person pretty much for the rest of their life being in a wheelchair," Dream Team Prosthetics owner Chad Simpson said. "I think our goal is to re-write those chapters."

He said they want their patients to feel comfortable and independent.

"Getting them back up and mobile like they were before is certainly daunting and challenging, but it's certainly something you can overcome with time and patience," Simpson said.

He said their success with other patients is what spreads the word.

And that word spread to former patient and current employee Seth Alexander, who lost his legs at 16 in a car crash.

"The route that I really wanted to take was a life of independence and whatever I had to do to get there that's what I was going to do," Alexander said.

He has been a patient for 4 years and with his new legs he runs half marathons.

Alexander wanted to help people like him. So now he is doing just that and is helping with development and fitting.

"It's been very cool. It's been a very rewarding process," Alexander said.

Simpson said they are thankful the Duncan community has embraced them, and they hope to add 5 to 6 more employees in the next 5 years.

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