A child who hopes: Cayden

A child who hopes: Cayden

MEDICINE PARK, (KSWO) - A 10-year-old who loves animals is hoping to find a loving family that will adopt him. 7NEWS reporter Haley Wilson met Cayden at the Medicine Park Aquarium where he got to see the animals and told her about wanting a family.

"It's swimming backward," Cayden said.

"Do you think it's going to hit the rock," Haley Asked.

Yeah! Touched it," he said.

It was Cayden's first time going to an aquarium. He usually watches videos of animals online, but that wasn't the case this time he got to see them in person.

"That's the biggest one right there."

He took his time going from tank to tank intently looking at each fish.

"Now that's the smallest fish I ever saw."

At each container, Cayden pointed out the fish that caught his eye, sometimes it was the smallest, largest, prettiest, or most unique. And while Cayden seemed to like every fish in the aquarium, that wasn't his favorite part. He liked feeding the turtles.

"They were fun to look at and swim," he said. "It's funny when they bundle up together."

As we were wrapping up our day, Haley asked Cayden what he'd like to do for a day if he got the option. She expected his answer to be like most kids…play video games, go to the water park, no chores, but that was far from what he said.

"Spend time with my brother and sister," he said.

Cayden is separated from his siblings. They are about to be adopted and he is hoping that will happen to him too. This 10-year-old has lived in multiple foster homes over the past five years and is not asking for much from an adoptive family.

"For them to care about me and take care of me," he said.

He'd also like for them to shoot hoops outside with him and like dogs. As we talked about what he wants in a family, he started to shut down because the subject is hard for him to talk about.

"I want somebody to adopt me," he said.

If you have room in your heart for Cayden and you'd like to adopt him, call the Department of Human Services at 580- 471-7942.

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