Bomb threat called into Walters fundraising event

Bomb threat called into Walters fundraising event

WALTERS, OK (KSWO) - Law enforcement is continuing to investigate a bomb threat that was called in Saturday afternoon for a fundraising event in Walters. Around 4:20 p.m., Cotton County Sheriff's office received an anonymous threatening phone call directed towards the Addicted to Mud event at Sultan Park. The Walters Police Department came out to assist in the investigation. Hundreds of people were immediately evacuated from the park while officials combed through the area.

Investigators found no evidence of an explosive device and they are fathering information about the suspected called.

"We have the recording of the person who called. We also have the phone call from which they called from. So the investigationg will be conducted at this point in time," Walters Police Department Lt. Ben Lehew said. "The bottom line is what we're concerned about first is getting them out of the area as soon as possible and allowing us to go in there and do the very best we can to make sure it's safe for them to return."

Officials opened the park back up shortly after 6 o'clock Saturday evening.

The Youth League President and event organizer tells us the Addicted to Mud event went on as planned after the area was cleared.

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