Lawton church getting new steeple

Lawton church getting new steeple

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A local church replaced it's old steeple today with a brand new one. The parishioners of St. Elmo Missionary Baptist Church on Southwest Monroe Avenue have worked hard to raise the money for the new steeple.

Decon Benny Gaffney said they've had the old one fore more than a decade and they are excited to beautify their house of worship.

"We're doing a lot of remodeling on the inside and out," Benny Gaffney, Decon St. Elmo Baptist Church said. "This is God's building and we want to do what's right for God. And what he provides us with we want to do right. We're trying to make our church proud and our family proud."

Decon Gaffney also said he believes the new steeple will uplift the faith of the church.

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