Salvation Army food pantry is running low

Salvation Army food pantry is running low

LAWTON, Ok (RNN Texoma) - Within the last few months, the number of families coming in for food assistance has doubled. The Lawton Salvation Army has been working hard to keep up with demand but are still coming up short.

"When I walked through here on Friday and saw the shelves were almost bare, I said, 'Hey, how are we looking on food?' And I got the report... We're getting kind of shaky," said Major David Robinson of the Lawton Salvation Army. "That's time when the lights start going off, the whistles start going off. We need to start moving now and not wait until we're completely out of food."

The Salvation Army's food pantry is emptier than normal. That's because the number of families coming in for assistance has doubled the last few months.

"We were doing about 40-45 families per month, but in the last three months we've been doing about 90-110," said Robinson.

This recent flood of families has the Salvation Army struggling to keep up. Regulars make donations weekly, but the food pantry needs so much more. If the food runs out, the Salvation Army is forced to send families elsewhere.

"If we can't help somebody, we refer them somewhere else. But we can't guarantee if we refer them somewhere else that they're going to get help there," said Robinson.

To prevent this from happening, the Salvation Army is asking for help.

"Just put together any extra canned goods, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti, beans, rice, anything," said Robinson. "Just put it together. Come by and see us. We're here all the time. We're not going anywhere. We want to be able to help those in need in our community."

If you'd like to help out, you can drop off donations at the Salvation Army, located at Southwest "E" Avenue.

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