A Child Who Hopes: Tori

A Child Who Hopes: Tori

A 13-year-old girl is hoping to find a loving family after spending the past seven years going from placement home to placement home.

Tori got to play at Elmer Thomas Park before talking with 7NEWS and she loved exploring the park. She went down the slide and even hung from the monkey bars. She loves being outdoors but is not a fan of this Oklahoma heat.

Tori just started a new school year and loves computer class, but also loves two other things.

"Getting my hair done and seeing the animals," she said.

She'd be pretty good at taking care of them, too. Derek Collon, her caseworker gave examples of how selfless the teen can be.

"Every time I take her to eat, the first thing she wants to do is share her food with me," Collon said. "Her current placement provider was a little sick this weekend and she spent all weekend caring for her, bringing her water, wet wash rags, and everything else."

Tori has a speech delay. Collon said the best fit for her would be someone who has a structured routine and will not get upset when she's having a rough day.

"Tori is a loving, caring little girl that has a ton of love to give somebody that's willing to accept her for who she is and provide her with what she needs," he said.

If you're that person, call DHS at 580-471-7942 and adopt her.

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