10 Creative Strategies for Producing an Effective Commercial for TV

These 10 commercial production tips come from more than 25 creative heads of top advertising agencies in the U.S. who were asked: "What do you believe are the most important elements every creative television commercial should have?"

KEEP IT SIMPLE- Keep to a single element. Have a single message.  A  big, but single, benefit. Show one thing, say one thing so as not to confuse the viewer.

HAVE ONE BASIC IDEA- Show the fundamental customer the benefit you offer, your underlying reason for asking people to become your customers!

MAKE YOUR POINT CLEAR- Keep to the point and make it easy to understand. Do not detract from your major benefit.

MAKE IT UNIQUE...DIFFERENT!- Do the unexpected. Use unusual things: Surprise the viewers. It helps them to remember you.

GET VIEWER ATTENTION- A commercial can't sell if it isn't seen. And it won't be seen if it doesn't get viewer attention. Keep the viewer watching every step of the way.

INVOLVE THE VIEWER- Make the viewer feel part of what's happening. Lean on common experiences. Create a meaningful or provocative situation that calls for viewer response.

USE EMOTION- Arouse the viewer's feelings. Prompt the viewer to respond. Make the viewer pay attention for the length of the commercial.

CONSIDER PRODUCTION VALUES- Sight, sound, motion, emotion. All these things combine to make television the most powerful advertising medium.

PROVE THE BENEFIT- Demonstrate to viewers that what you claim is true.

IDENTIFY YOURSELF WELL- Identify yourself so well, so thoroughly, that your name stands out differently and calls attention to itself