Murder suspect's girlfriend takes the stand

Lawton--The girlfriend of murder suspect Terrance Parker took the witness stand during Parker's preliminary hearing in Lawton Wednesday.  Parker is accused of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Dre Moss.

Parker had waived his right to a preliminary hearing, but the state still wanted to put his girlfriend, Bonnie Twyman, on the stand before she heads to prison for violating the terms of her own federal probation in an unrelated case. Investigators say she was one of the reasons the victim and the accused argued before the killing.

Twyman testified she was out at a Lawton nightclub when she got into argument over the phone with Parker.  He never showed up to give her a ride.  But at the club, she did see an acquaintance of hers, Moss, who was a stranger to Parker.

Not long after Moss took her home to her apartment on Northwest 62nd Street, Parker drove up and confronted Moss, who was outside of the complex.  Police reports indicate that's when Parker took an AK-47 and shot Moss four times in the chest area.  Prosecutor Eddie Valdez says the motive may have been jealousy.  "He sent her text messages, indicating that he knew she was with some other guys. I think that's really why he took the gun over there is to confront those guys," Valdez said.

Valdez previously pushed for a first-degree murder charge, but after reviewing the evidence, Valdez said he believed second-degree murder was more appropriate since he didn't believe Parker had planned to shoot Moss.

It's not certain if Parker's case will go to a jury trial.  That decision has yet to be made. Parker's formal arraignment is set for July 10th at 9:15 a.m.  If Parker is convicted for second-degree murder, he could get 10 years to life in prison.