Cache mourns loss of third teenager in month

It may be a small town, but Cache is proving its heart is bigger than any community.  Caleb Adams' tragic death this week marks the third death of a teenager in just one month for this town.  Administrators, teachers and coaches say it's hard to accept and even more difficult for the Cache's young people to absorb because many of them knew the teens that were taken from the community so early in life.  7News talked with Caleb's best friend as well as his former boss to find out how they are dealing with their loss.

They're trying to focus on the many funny, inspirational and heartwarming memories they have of Caleb.  They have a lot of unanswered questions about why he was killed, but for now they're focusing on remembering their friend.

Caleb Adams graduated before ever getting to play in the Cache's new crown jewel - a basketball stadium that rivals any other in the state.  But, his former coach says just two weeks before his sudden death, he got a tour of the amazing facility and couldn't wait to come back to cheer a new team on.

"Caleb was a great kid," says Coach Lonnie Nunley.  "The teacher's loved him at school.  We coaches adored him and loved him.  There was never a day when Caleb didn't come to practice or school and give you anything or everything he had."  Nunley says his team was in the middle of practice Wednesday when they got the news.  "I sat my guys down and talked to them and we said a big prayer hoping for him to pull through."

Josh Shaw, along with Jay Rowell and Keaton Mullenix played ball with Caleb and formed a life-long friendship.  "I thought it was a joke," says Shaw upon hearing of the accident.  "You know Caleb that's not a person you can't pick anything bad happening to, nothing, but good stuff because he was a good person."  Although all agree that Cache has taken a beating, it hasn't stopped their spirits from carrying on.  And, that's just the way, they say, Caleb would want it.

"If you had a daughter, you were happy to see him come pick her up on a Friday night and take her on a date," says Nunley.  "If you had a son, you dreamed and prayed your son would turn out like Caleb."

About 75 of Caleb's friends drove to Oklahoma City Wednesday evening to be with him and his family.  Thursday morning he passed away.  "I love him and I miss him," says Shaw. But, I know he's in a better place and he would want us to be strong."