Woman falsely reports rape to get day off from work

Published: Oct. 27, 2008 at 9:01 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 27, 2008 at 9:03 PM CDT
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Marlow_Rape is a traumatic crime, and when police get a call reporting sexual assault, it's taken very seriously.  Police want to make sure that the person responsible for the crime is locked up and prevented from attacking anyone else, but 2% of all rape cases reported are discovered to be false accusations.

Police in Marlow say that's exactly what happened when an 18-year-old woman fabricated a report of rape.  Many women who falsely report rapes are seeking attention - good or bad.  However, in this case, police say the young woman who admitted to falsifying two rape reports only wanted a day off from work.

After Trisha Bonney called police and reported having been raped, community doors were locked, windows were shut, and police patrol was out in force.  Bonney claimed she had arrived home to discover a man was in her house.  She told the police that the man grabbed her, threw her to the bed, and raped her.  Butch Mann works at the nursing home across the street from where Bonney lives.  "The young girl came out and was sitting in the chair, crying," said Mann.  "You just thought, 'It's a devastating deal.'"

Police say that when they responded to the scene, they had trouble compiling all the evidence.  There were no witnesses, so Marlow police expended hundreds of hours of manpower in hopes of capturing her alleged attacker.  One week later, she called police again.  "She had another intruder and we were right on top of it," said Marlow Police Chief Bob Hill.  Again, no one saw the supposed rapist.  "There was two people standing in the alley, and they had been smoking," said Hill.  "Two carpenters were working on the house next door, and they didn't see anything.  There was still dew on the ground, and there weren't any tracks."

After police interrogated, fingerprinted, and swabbed three men for DNA samples, Bonney admitted to making the entire thing up.  "She said the reason she filed the second report was to add credibility to the first one, because we were questioning her and pinning her down on certain items," Hill said.

Marlow police say that they increased their manpower by about 30% while searching for a nonexistent rapist.  What's worse, the community was up in arms, and Bonney's new neighbor moved out because she was so terrified.  Marlow police have charged Trisha Boney with falsifying a police report, and say the crime is punishable by fine, and even jail time.

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