Strange sound? It's a goose gun!

Lawton_It's not hunters....and it's not the big guns on Fort Sill. So what is the mysterious popping sound people in the Park Lane and Sullivan Village neighborhoods are hearing in East Lawton? 7NEWS found out It's a goose gun. It's designed to scare off flocks of thousands of geese that tear up wheat fields.

Josh Sullivan got tired of losing money to the birds, so he came up with a way to fight them. He says he's not trying to annoy people; he just wants to protect his investment. "Cattle can graze on wheat, they don't pull it up. Horses pull up wheat really bad, but the geese can get right on top of the ground; they pull it all out the ground by the roots."

Getting the birds to stay away is not as easy you may think. "We've tried scarecrows, some people say you can hang bags on posts and it will keep them away. It does work for a couple of weeks, but they get used to it and fly back on the field," said Sullivan.

That's when the goose gun came into play. It's set on a timer to make loud pops to scare off the birds. But with it comes some noise and people around the Sullivan's farm are hearing it. Some people have even called the police.

Sullivan says he's sorry for the inconvenience. "This is something we have to do in agriculture to make money ourselves as anybody in town would do to have the police or law enforcement keep their business safe from vandalism or so forth."

Police told Sullivan the noises from the goose gun may be in violation of the city's noise ordinance since his farm is in the city limits.