Gen. Tommy Franks speaks to Boy Scouts

Fort Sill_Presidents, senators, and military men....many have been Boy Scouts. So have millions of other men across the United States, including General Tommy Franks from Wynnewood, Oklahoma. So for Texoma's Black Beaver District, it was only fitting to have General Franks speak at the council's largest fundraiser of the year.

General Franks told 7NEWS just how pleased he was to come speak about boy scouts. People from across the state, some even farther, came to support the scouts and hear the inspiring words from Franks. For General Franks, coming to Lawton was more than just a speech, it was a trip down memory lane and a way for him to speak about something he feels strongly about. "When I come around and I see these young people in their scouting uniforms it does a lot of things for me. It reminds me of my days in scouts, which I enjoyed very much. I loved the organization. Love what it stands for," said U.S. Army General Tommy Franks, Ret.

General Franks spoke pro bono, when he's normally paid about 50-thousand dollars for a speech. With him as the headline speaker, Boy Scouts say they'll raise more than 30-thousand dollars. But they raised more than money. Scouts got a chance to see just how far being a scout can take you, through the eyes of a 4 Star General. "You think about the fact we have been a great nation for a long time and you ask yourself why is that. Well one of the reasons actually is the leadership skill set that young people get from organizations just like this. Just like the boy scouts," said General Franks.

Many scouts hope to follow in the General's footsteps. "That's a big honor for me, to meet him to shake his hand, to be in the same room with him," said Eagle Scout Ty Brandt.

Kids like Ty are who Franks says it's all about. "At the end of the day, if it's not about the young people, what's it about? This is worthwhile and I am proud to associate with scouting," said General Franks.

Wednesday's fundraiser will help Boy Scouts in Comanche, Caddo, Tillman and Cotton Counties. It's about 50 percent of their annual budget. The Black Beaver District representatives tell 7NEWS this district has the third-highest campaign fundraising goals of all Boy Scout districts in Western Oklahoma.