WF burglar rips off music store in less than one minute

Wichita Falls_A thief in Wichita Falls moved like a flash, ripping off a music store in less than a minute.  He escaped with thousands of dollars worth of instruments, and it was caught on surveillance video.  The footage captured Wednesday night at the heist at Sam Gibb's Music showed the burglar moving so quickly that the camera almost could not keep up with him.  Store management says they believe it may have been a planned burglary because of how swift the thief was.  They say it was clear that he knew what he was looking for, and wasted no time.

Alarm systems and cameras only can help so much, and while police arrived at Sam Gibb's within four to five minutes after the break-in, the burglar was long gone.  "He was only in here for approximately 40 seconds - so he knew what he was doing," said Ken Wegmann with Sam Gibbs'.

To get in, the burglar broke the lock, and from there he did not walk - he ran.  "He was running," said Wegmann.  "He ran to the back wall, grabbed his stuff, ran the other side wall, and then ran out."  What the quick crook took was not cheap.  "We noticed there were several violins missing, electric violins, electric guitar, and a couple of basses," he said.  "We actually see the guy breaking in, taking the equipment, and then stealing it and taking it out the door."

Wegmann the loss of those instruments is tough fore him and the staff to swallow.  The economy already is in the tank - now this.  "Anything you get stolen, it's always a hit," he said.  "You don't prepare for something like that."  Wegmann and police hope the burglar was not prepared to be all over the news.  "We know somebody knows somebody that probably looks like that," said Wichita Falls Police Sergeant Joe Snyder.  "We just encourage everybody, if you think you know who it might be, go ahead and give us a call.  "You can call Crimestoppers, you can earn a cash reward.  It may not turn into anything, maybe it will."

The store is reviewing its surveillance footage to see if the burglar may have come in to scope things out before he pulled off the heist, and they also are looking to see if any of the instruments end up online on websites such as EBay.  If you have any information about the burglary, you could earn a cash reward.  Call Crimestoppers at 940-322-9888.