SUV crashes into Altus house

Altus_An Altus woman narrowly escaped with her life on Thursday morning when an SUV plowed through her house - into a room she had just left.  The crash happened at about 9:30 AM after police say the SUV crossed four lanes of traffic on North Park Lane, and plowed through a couple of backyards and three chain link fences, and into the brick house.

Sunny - the home's occupant - says the car slammed into the room as she was walking out of it, and a drawer nicked her back leg before it flew out of the room.  When fire engines arrived on scene they found that the Jeep SUV had driven through the house where Sunny and her family live, and that the woman who was driving was trapped inside the vehicle.  Emergency crews had to free the woman through the back of the Jeep because the sides were smashed in, rendering the doors useless.  "I just hope the lady that was driving the van is okay - I hope she makes it," said Sunny.

Sunny said she was inside her home when she heard at least two loud booms as the crash was about to occur.  "I don't see how it was survivable," said Altus Police Chief Mike Patterson.  "In either room of that house where that car went through it looked like a bomb went off."  He says it's a miracle no one was killed, because the car had to have been traveling at least 50-60 miles-per-hour when it left the road.  "There's something strange about it, for somebody to drift across four lanes of traffic and across, like, 389-feet through the yards," he said.

Sunny now is left to clean up the mess, and worry about the driver.  "I'm okay - I'm fine and God will take care of us," she said.  "I just hope she's okay."  Patterson says the driver was able to talk when she was pulled out of the wreckage, and from what police say they have seen so far, there is no evidence she braked through the entire ordeal.  No word at this time on the woman's condition.

Sunny and her family will have a place to live for the next few days with the help of the Red Cross.  Patterson says investigators are unsure what caused the SUV to go out of control.