Teen driver accidents

Cache_Over the last 10 years, nearly 30-thousand people across the country have died in a traffic crash caused by a teen driver. Triple-A Oklahoma says only a third of those deaths are the teen drivers themselves. The majority of deaths are to their passengers, pedestrians, and to people in other cars on the road. People in Cache had to deal with the tragedy just a couple of months ago, when a 16-year-old girl died after a teenage driver lost control of the truck she was riding in.

To the small town of Cache, the story is all too familiar. Over the last few years, the town has lost a number of people to teen crashes. "We have had our fair share of those kind of accidents and those types of tragedies and that's what they are, they're tragedies, cause these young kids have their whole lives in front of them and especially for their friends and family it's just a devastating blow that they don't anticipate," said Cache Pastor James Pritchard.

"Due to the driver inexperience, teen drivers have technology at their hands that some of the other generations didn't such as text messaging you know and some extra distractions that the drivers of other generations didn't have and that could be a factor in more teen driving accidents that will result in death," said Oklahoma Highway Patrol's Larry King.

While teens are making risky decisions behind the wheel, they are responsible for over 500 deaths in Oklahoma since 1998, a painful lesson to their family and friends. "For every accident that occurs, for every student that's lost I think that some are probably saved because every time one of those students get in a car, I think they're reminded of their friends. And they remember to put on that seat belt, or to make sure their mirrors are where they're supposed to be, or drive the speed limit, etcetera," said Pritchard.