Group plans to open home for single mothers in need

Lawton_ The Women's Inspirational Network wants to help out single moms by opening a transitional living facility. They have all of the community support they need, but no building to run the center in. The group has looked at several empty nursing homes in the Lawton area, and are now hoping the owners will donate the buildings so they can start helping families.

"It gives them a chance to get on their feet and not feel the pressure so much, Women's Inspirational Network member Tarra Gilbert said.

The center will provide housing for single moms and their kids, but it will also have a child care center on-site, a computer lab, a playground and tight security.

Single moms say the center would help relieve some added stress. "You're working a job, you're coming home and you are continuing to work. You are taking care of your kids, you are trying to take care of your house, and you are trying to get your kids here and there," single mom Kristal Banks said.

W.I.N will be discussing the center this week at the National Women's History Month Conference starting Friday, March 6th. If you want to attend the conference, help out with the center or want more information on the project you can call 580-581-9461.