LPD investigates dispute that turned deadly

Lawton_Police have released the names of the victim, and man jailed in connection with the victim's death after an early morning family dispute in Lawton on Wednesday.  Lawton Police arrested Wilburn Michael Jackson after an altercation resulted in the death of his uncle Bobby Jackson.  Police say they responded to a domestic dispute at about three in the morning at a house at Southwest 17th and 'F' Avenue.  They say the found Bobby Jackson unresponsive, and performed CPR and transported Jackson to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police are investigating the case as a homicide, but say they have yet to determine the exact cause of death.  They say there was a fight, and witnesses - the victim's brothers - say Bobby Jackson couldn't breathe.  Freddie and Bud Jackson say their brother had high blood pressure, and are waiting - along with police - to learn if the fight caused Bobby to have a heart attack, or if something else happened.

Freddie and Bud spent most of the day outside of their home on Wednesday since the inside was a crime scene, and 7News was able to talk to them.  Freddie says his son, Wilburn, drinks a lot and it causes problems.  He says Tuesday night was no different.  "My son was drunk, and I don't know where my brother went to pick him up at," he said.  "He called here and wanted him to come and get him."

Freddie says he heard Bobby and Wilburn arrive home as he was getting ready for bed.  "It was after two in the morning," said Freddie.  "They come in the door arguing, and he had my brother so steaming mad, and that's no way for him to be with his blood pressure the way it was."  Freddie says he heard his son assault Bobby and asked Bud to call the police while he tried to stop the fight.  "When I pulled them apart, my boy was sitting there slugging my brother, and I heard my brother saying he couldn't breathe, but I didn't picture death happening to him," he said.

Freddie says he took Wilburn into a different room, and heard Bobby fall to the ground.  He says they had been sharing jokes only 20 minutes earlier.  "Earlier in the day, we were just clowning around and somebody walked by us and thought we was twins," said Freddie.  "This was something I just didn't want to see."

Freddie and Bud say their brother was the type of guy who would give someone the shirt off of his back if he could.  They say they'll remember his jokes and his love of the Sooners, Yankees, and football.  "He liked the Green Bay Packers, but he sure didn't like their coach they got.  He sure didn't like the way they did Brett Favre.  Bobby has never been a problem to me at all.  Never.  And I'm going to miss him."

Lawton Police Captain Will Hines says a medical examiner is performing an autopsy on Bobby Jackson to determine the cause of his death.  Officials say they are keeping Wilburn Jackson in custody, and will determine charges based on the coroner's report.  Count on 7News to keep you updated.