Lawton veteran says caught burglar in act

Lawton_A Lawton war veteran says he caught a burglar in the act when he came home for lunch on Wednesday.  The man told police he walked into his house at 46th and Lincoln, and stumbled over a pile of his tings on the floor before he realized the burglar still was there.  He says the burglar ran past him and out his back door.

Police say they know who they are looking for, and at one point had him in their sights.  However, after chasing the man for a few blocks, they lost him.  During the chase, the burglar dropped three guns - two of which were loaded and stolen from the home.

Police combed the neighborhood of Sergeant First Class Donald Powell after he came home and discovered the burglar.  "A guy ran out of my den and out the back of the house," he said.  Powell says the man got away with jewelry, but did not have time to take TVs or other electronics that he had piled on the floor.  He says those possessions were the least of his concern.  "It didn't sit right with me that there was some guy out there capable of doing this kind of stuff - running around armed - and it just so happened to be my guns he had," said Powell.

Powell says he wasn't thinking about his safety - he just confronted the thief.  He says he realized later how dangerous the situation was.  "You know, I had been through Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  To come home and get shot by a guy in your own house would have been pretty devastating," he said.

Just when Powell thought he couldn't get any luckier - he did.  He says he stumbled across a cell phone he thought an officer had left behind - but, to his surprise, it was the burglar's.  "One of the officers showed up, it wasn't none of theirs, it turned out to be the guy who was burglarizing my house," said Powell.  "From that they (police) got a name and address."  Police went to the address, but did not find the man.  Instead, they found a woman who did not speak English or know what was happening.

Police say it appears the suspect could be a juvenile, but still are unsure.  The burglary suspect remains at large, but police know where he lives.

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