MAKENZIE'S OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: Trout fishing in Medicine Park-12/2/20

Oklahoma is home to several species of fish, from bass, to crappie to catfish. However, trout is not native to our state.

  OK State Superintendent speaks to 7 News about upcoming school year-7/28/20

People all across Oklahoma are wondering what schools will be like when they reopen for the fall.

  OHP Troopers injured while leading procession of slain Tulsa officers

OHP said three troopers were on motorcycles and involved in the crash along with an SUV that was not part of the procession.

  Apache native snags world record spoonbill-6/30/2020

A world record spoonbill was snagged this weekend at Keystone Lake near Tulsa. The man who reeled it in is a native of Apache, Oklahoma.

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  Okla. grant program for small businesses set to begin taking applications-6/26/2020

Oklahoma is rolling out a $100-million grant program to help small businesses that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  Reporting a fraudulent unemployment claim with OESC-6/25/20

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission has put a stop on about 64,000 fraudulent unemployment claims.

  ELECTION COVERAGE: SQ 802 to decide on Medicaid expansion-6/23/2020

The only statewide decisions to be voted on in the upcoming primary election, will be State Question 802, which would expand Medicaid in Oklahoma.

  Area legislators weigh in on DHS plan to close half their state offices

DHS attributes this to COVID-19, and the projected 28 million dollar loss in revenue.

  Oklahoma Farm Bureau says relief money won't cover losses-5/28/20

The Agriculture industry is finally getting some financial relief from the government. However it isn't helping Oklahoma farmers the way they'd hoped.

  Patriotic hay bales seen throughout Southwest Oklahoma-5/20/2020

Every heart beats true for the red white and blue, especially at Renshaw Farms in Fletcher.

  More Oklahoma beef producers selling straight to consumers-5/6/2020

The Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association has made it easier for beef producers to sell directly to consumers.

  Wheat damaged from mid-April freeze-5/4/2020

Wheat farmers across the state are assessing their crops for damages due to a late freeze in April.

  Halliburton, amid others, lay off employees due to low oil prices-4/30/2020

The oil industry has taken a huge hit in Oklahoma due to oil prices dropping to record lows.

  Altus AFB preparing for Friday flyovers

  Local dentist ready to open amid pandemic-4/24/2020

Governor Stitt plans to reopen the economy in certain phases, which includes dentist offices reopening May 1st.

  Plans for antibody testing in Oklahoma-4/20/2020

Plans for antibody testing in Oklahoma

  Beef prices in stores not reflecting cattle market-4/10/2020

Beef prices in stores not reflecting cattle market

  Thousands file for unemployment in Oklahoma-4/7/2020

Many people say they're having trouble accessing Oklahoma's unemployment system.

  Farmer, butcher address coronavirus food supplies

  Gov. Stitt signs unemployment executive order

  DUNCAN SCHOOL BOND: Repairing roofs, HVAC systems

  Governor Stitt makes coronavirus executive orders

  Coronavirus affects agriculture business in Oklahoma-3/2/2020

The coronavirus outbreak has caused financial headaches for markets around the world, including farmers and ranchers.

  Insulin: The rising cost of a life-saving drug2-2/27/2020

Insulin: The rising cost of a life-saving drug

  Local reactions to Trump rollback of Obama-era Clean Water Rule-2/7/2020

We're hearing from two sides regarding President Trump's recent roll back of the 2015 Clean Water Rule.