This weekend will be hotter and windier than last weekend

Rain chances remain in the slim category

  First Alert Forecast

  Temperatures soar to near 100 as morning rain chances linger

  First Alert Forecast

  Thunderstorms expected Tuesday night, Wednesday morning

  First Alert Forecast

  Temperatures soon return to the hot category

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  First Alert Forecast

  Early-morning rain expected Monday

  First Alert Forecast

  Pretty great weather for August

  First Alert Forecast

  Rain chances soon fade from the forecast

  First Alert Forecast

Morning sunshine with afternoon severe storms

  Strong thunderstorms possible Thursday afternoon

Nice weekend on the way

  First Alert Forecast

Another wet and rainy morning commute but rain won't last all day!

  Fair rain chances remain in the forecast

A cold front moves in before the weekend

  First Alert Forecast

  Minor flooding threat with rainy forecast through Tuesday night

  First Alert Forecast

  Thunderstorms return to the forecast Monday night

  First Alert Forecast

  Quiet weekend weather followed by increasing rain chances

  First Alert Forecast

Morning showers possible but most will remain dry. Afterwards we're partly cloudy with highs in the mid 90s.

  Clouds keep temperatures in check

Slight rain chances linger into the weekend

  First Alert Forecast

The chance for scattered showers continues once again today!

  Thursday brings fair rain chances too

Temperatures remain below normal into the weekend

  First Alert Forecast

Partly cloudy today with a chance for a slight for showers

  Pretty nice weather for late July

Slight rain chances linger in the forecast

  First Alert Forecast

Hit or miss chance for an isolated shower and storm today!

  Hit & Miss thunderstorms possible through midweek

Temperatures remain below normal

  First Alert Forecast

Not as hot but also not as humid today either!

  A little less heat, a little less humidity

Rain is not out of the question

  First Alert Forecast

There's a chance of seeing below normal high temperatures over the next five to seven days!

  Abundant sunshine expected for the weekend

Stray thunderstorms possible in parts of Texoma Sunday and Monday

  First Alert Forecast

Copy and paste kind of forecast.. hot and humid once again today!

  Rain chances have evaporated from the forecast

Sunny skies expected this weekend

  First Alert Forecast

AM lingering clouds with afternoon sunshine

  Another chance of late-night, early-morning rain

Highs near 100 degrees into the weekend

  First Alert Forecast

Lingering early morning showers with afternoon sunshine!

  Watching overnight thunderstorms, Wednesday morning rain chances

Temperatures hold steady for the remainder of the week

  First Alert Forecast

Another hot and humid day with heat advisories posted!

  Best rain chances will be while we’re sleeping

Thunderstorms to our west and north will drift close to Texoma over the coming days

First Alert Forecast

Today's gonna be another hot one!

  Stray showers possible Sunday night

Rain is the exception, summer heat the rule

First Alert Forecast

Extreme heat and humidity through this evening.. as a result an Excessive Heat Warning goes until 9PM

  Saturday will be our hottest of the year

Stray strong thunderstorms are possible Saturday evening

  First Alert Forecast

Hot, humid and muggy conditions continue today!

  FIRST ALERT: Take this heat seriously

Stray storms not out of the question

  First Alert Forecast

We're tracking extreme heat and humidity on the way!

  FIRST ALERT: Extreme Heat & Humidity

A long stretch of triple digit days starts tomorrow

  First Alert Forecast

Sunny, hot and going to be the coolest day over the next seven for this Wednesday!

  Temperatures soar by week’s end

Triple digit highs by Friday

  First Alert Forecast

Air temps in the upper 80s and low to mid 90s with sunshine & humidity!

  Rain chances soon fade from the forecast

Triple digit heat is right around the corner

  First Alert Forecast

Partly to mostly cloudy today with a chance for hit or miss showers

  Rain chances remain in the forecast through Monday

Rain chances taper off beginning Tuesday

  First Alert Forecast

Fourth of July evening forecast!

  Stray thunderstorms remain in the weekend forecast

Rain chances get better early next week

  First Alert Forecast

Heading out the door today, it'll be another hot one

  Slight rain chances linger into the weekend

Otherwise nice weather for Independence Day

  First Alert Forecast

Another day, another heat advisory!

  Heat Advisory & stray storm chances

Temperatures come down a bit for the weekend

  First Alert Forecast

Dangerous heat continues once again today

  Watching for Tuesday evening storms

Temperatures gradually fall toward the weekend

  First Alert Forecast

It's going to be a toasty tuesday!

  Stray evening storms, hottest weather in weeks

Tuesday & Wednesday will be the hottest of the week

  First Alert Forecast

This week lots of humidity and even more heat will move into Texoma.

  First Alert Forecast: (6/28 PM)

Very hot and humid conditions continue into this week

First Alert Forecast: (6/27 PM)

Hot and humid conditions are the main weather story heading into next week

First Alert Forecast: (6/28 AM)

Today's weather continues to be hot and summer-like!

  First Alert Forecast: (6/27 AM)

Very hot & humid today!

  A breezy, muggy, summer-like weekend

Temperatures are heating up

  First Alert Forecast

Heat & humidity is on the rise!

  First Alert Forecast

Warmer temperatures and more humid conditions are on the way for Texoma.

  Breezy, muggy weather into the weekend. Stray storm possible

Temperatures climb over the next seven days

  First Alert Forecast

Highs in the low 90s this afternoon with a quiet & mostly clear evening ahead

  First Alert Forecast

Temperatures and moisture will increase heading into the weekend.

  Temperatures, winds increase toward the weekend

Only slight weekend rain chances

  First Alert Forecast

Dry weather will stick around for the next few days, but then low end rain chances return heading into the weekend.

  Sunshine returns to our forecast

Rain might return by the weekend