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Duncan Man Charged in Animal Cruelty Case

DUNCAN Okla_ A Duncan man has been charged in a animal cruelty case we first brought to you in November.

Carl Immerdino has now been charged with cruelty to animals, nearly three months after they found nearly a dozen animals living in deplorable conditions. In November, police were called to a home on north 22nd Street just south of Beech. Concerned neighbors told police they witnessed Immerdino beating his dogs with sticks and 2X4 boards and even throwing one of them into a basement.

Police said Immerdino was arrested and jailed, but he was able to bond out. They said unfortunately, he hasn't shown up for either of his court hearings and hasn't been at the home where the animals were seized. Police said they don't know his whereabouts. They have issued more warrants for his arrest. His neighbors said for now, they're just glad he's gone. They said they're happy that his former pets are in new homes.

"We saw him beat them with whatever he could put his hands on. "He beat the animals."

Every neighbor that surrounds this home is an animal lover with pet cats or dogs of their own. They said what they witnessed in Immerdino's backyard is despicable. They said it's something they refused to just stand by and watch.

"We were all screaming at him to stop beating the animals. My husband was so mad, I said, "Do not jump the fence and beat on him, ‘cause you're going to jail yourself if you take it into your hands.'"

Court documents show rotting carcasses buried in shallow graves in the backyard. Neighbors said had it not been for them, more animals would have been found dead.

"She was putting dog food over there for those dogs. We were trying to take care of the dogs, throwing scraps and whatever we had to those animals."

Police say Immerdino had been living in the home without running water or electricity. Neighbors said they saw him move through his home via candlelight.

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