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Grant approval will start construction on new fire station

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Tuesday is shaping up to be a big day for the Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport. City council members will discuss and vote on a grant that would allow the airport to upgrade its runway and build a new fire station station number two.

If the grant is approved, the new station would be built next to the old fire station. Airport Director Barbara McNally said the new station is long over due, and will make things more functional. Fire station number two is nearly 50 years old and has a list of problems.

"It was constructed with concrete slabs, you're on clay soil in Oklahoma they shift and crack causing problems with the windows and roof so we have maintained that building with the City of Lawton for many years, we have done some rehab projects," said McNally.

Over the past few years the department has purchased new trucks that are much larger and wider. McNally said it's a hassle parking them in the bays.

"The last truck that we bought had a clearance of about a half of inch to me on either side, its very narrow, and they are not going to be getting any smaller or any new trucks that we buy so its just time for a new station,' said Mcnally.

McNally said the bid for the fire station is 4.1 million dollars,which is much more than they anticipated. She said they also have money from the FAA and from the City of Lawton.When you add it all together with the 3.4 million dollar grant, they would have 5.2 million dollars to spend.

The money that is not used on the fire station would be used to make runway upgrades.She said the pavement has to be done under FAA guidelines.

"They are going to be removing all the rubber and deposits, all the existing markings and then repainting them and putting the glass beating on it so its nice and reflective and the pilots will be able to see it well in the evening," said McNally.

With this project being in the works for several years McNally said firefighters are already excited.

Once approved, they will have the money by October, and construction would start in November. It could take several years before its complete.

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