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Fort-Sill volunteers prep for 3-gun competition

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Over 100 competitive shooters from across the United States were in Lawton Friday afternoon getting ready for a big competition on Fort Sill.

Saturday will mark Fort Sills inaugural multi-gun competition.

On Friday, 20 volunteers pulled out their guns to practice the event course.

"You stand behind a line, the buzzer goes off, you fire your first round at the target and your adrenaline goes through the roof,” said Sean Carter 14-year shooting veteran, Fort Sill police officer.

Carter said his heart was racing while going through the practice run of the competition.

"You have to learn to control your breathing,” said Carter. “It's a real high intensity, stressed activity."

Competitors will test their skills in five stages during the timed matches.

Each person will safely move and shoot targets in each stage using an semi-automatic weapon, shotgun, and a pistol.

Carter said the rifle stage is his favorite, however, he found others more difficult.

“Jumping over the wall was kind of tough,” said Carter. “You run up to the wall and it's at an awkward angle so, you have to kind of brace yourselves in different shooting positions."

Carter said although the course is challenging he believes it's important for law enforcement and military personnel to get this hands-on experience.

Which is exactly the reason Match Director Hew Moon said he and his team have been working to create the course for eight months.

"Having shooting experience is very important for their job,” said Moon. “So, rather than just standing still and shooting at a paper target we've integrated the full aspect 3D shooting."

Carter offered advice to those competing in the weather conditions Saturday.

"It's knocking you around all over the place,” said Carter. “Your sights aren't staying right where they should be so, you kind of got to adjust for the wind."

First, second and third winners will be announced in nine divisions at a ceremony on post.

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